Composite Fillings | No Mercury

If you reside in Orange, CA and need a seamless restoration, look no further than Summit Dental Center! We utilize composite fillings instead of silver amalgam to offer natural-looking outcomes. Our highly skilled dentist Dr. Brian Lin specializes in these tooth-colored fillings, always making sure that each procedure is comfortable for our patients. Contact us today to book an appointment with this experienced practitioner!  If you currently have amalgam (silver) fillings, we can even replace them with modern composite ones! This procedure has been one of our most popular services as it keeps your teeth healthy and looking great.

The Benefits of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

Our composite resin filling procedure is both affordable and resilient, allowing us to complete the entire process in less than half an hour per tooth. As with any dental treatments, expertise plays a crucial role which is why we are able to perform this service quickly and comfortably due to our regular practice of it. We confidently guarantee you will be satisfied with your results! Orange, CA residents: Discover the numerous advantages of getting tooth-colored fillings as opposed to traditional amalgam ones!

Silver Mercury vs. Tooth Colored Filling: What You Should Know

Our cosmetic fillings, which are constructed of resin or plastic, present a healthier alternative in comparison to silver fillings. Generally speaking, the latter include an alloy filled with potentially hazardous elements such as mercury.Numerous medical advisories have been issued about exposing oneself to too much mercury. While many assume amalgam fillings are harmless, the results of studies can be inconsistent and cause confusion. If you want to avoid the risks that come with mercury exposure, have tooth-colored fillings placed, or have your existing silver ones replaced, visit Summit Dental Center in Orange.

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