Why might you need a tooth extraction?

Tooth Extraction in Orange, CA

When teeth are too decayed or damaged to be repaired with other dental treatments, often the only option is for them to be extracted. For some individuals, extra teeth must be removed to guarantee that the rest of their teeth are correctly aligned. A baby tooth which doesn't fall out in a timely manner may require extraction in order for permanent teeth to emerge and grow.

Impacted teeth are a common cause of tooth extraction due to the fact that they become jammed in gum tissue or bone. This typically occurs when there is overcrowding, and as a result, a tooth will tilt laterally instead of growing directly upward. If your teeth are causing you pain or preventing adjacent teeth from functioning properly, it is time to make an appointment with Dr. Brian Lin at Summit Dental Center in Orange and have those impacted teeth removed.

What happens before you get a dental extraction?

Tooth Extraction Near Me in Orange, CA

When it comes to relieving the discomfort of an infection, Dr. Lin will make sure to treat it before extracting the tooth. He'll need to understand your medical past and any medications you take which may interfere with dental treatment. After full examination and X-rays, our emergency dentist will go over what is causing the issue at hand and why its removal is necessary for your health.

Extractions can vary from straightforward loosening and pulling out of visible teeth to more complex dental surgeries for impacted or broken-off teeth at the gum line. Dr. Lin will make sure you know what to anticipate during your extraction, as well as discuss options for anesthesia that best suit you.

At Summit Dental Care, our mission is to provide a comfortable and painless experience with every single procedure - including extractions. Let Dr. Lin and the team put your nerves at ease; thanks to their expertise in advanced dental procedures, you won't feel any discomfort during an extraction!

What is the recovery time after a tooth extraction?

Tooth Extraction Recuperation

Depending on the amount of teeth pulled and how hard they were to extract, your recovery time may vary. If you're having a single tooth removed without complications, you'll only need a brief reprieve from exertion in order to ensure that healing isn't disrupted; otherwise no downtime is required.

If the extracted teeth were deeply embedded in your jawbone, you may experience some discomfort and swelling post-procedure. While this pain can be managed with medication, it is essential to allow yourself a few days for proper recovery. Dr. Lin will provide detailed instructions on how to take care of your mouth during the healing period as well as any activities or dietary restrictions that must be observed afterwards.

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