Cosmetic Dental Bonding

At the heart of cosmetic dentistry is dental bonding, a non-invasive technique used to restore any visible flaws or damage on teeth. A special composite resin that closely matches your tooth color is bonded directly onto the surface to repair chips, cracks, discoloration and gaps. The outcome? Nearly instantaneous natural-looking results! If you want to enhance your smile without sacrificing too much of your natural tooth structure, then cosmetic bonding is the perfect solution! Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Brian Lin, DDS can use a variety of dental bonding techniques to tailor and rejuvenate your smile with beautiful results. Compared to porcelain veneers or dental crowns, dental bonding offers more benefits while still providing impressive aesthetic outcomes.

Reasons for cosmetic bonding:

  • Closing spaces or gaps
  • Fixing chipped teeth
  • Fixing decayed teeth (teeth with cavities)
  • Lengthening uneven teeth
  • Protecting roots exposed by receding gums
  • Restoring badly discolored teeth

When compared to other dental procedures like porcelain veneers and crowns, cosmetic bonding will save most if not all of your natural tooth structure. In one visit alone you can see a dramatic improvement in the aesthetics of your teeth - it's almost instantaneous! Not only that, but this type of procedure is far more affordable than other aesthetic dentistry techniques.

What does dental bonding involve?

To start, the dentist will separate the teeth included in the procedure and then prepare them for bonding by etching them. After applying a conditioning liquid that causes cavities,  the surface of the teeth will be weak so that the tooth can bond more easily with an agent.

After the bonding resin is applied, several layers of tooth-colored composite are set in place. The next step is to shape and harden the material with a specially calibrated light. Once it's fully set, we smooth, buff, and polish the bonded areas so they blend in naturally with your other teeth.

If you want to regain confidence in your smile, contact Summit Dental Center to learn more about cosmetic bonding.

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